Restoration & Repair

The most sustainable building is the one still standing.

Octaform’s Restoration and Repair system extends the Octaform product line to include solutions for the repair of existing compromised concrete structures. Using a variety of connection methods, tailored to meet a project’s physical location restrictions, Octaform Restoration and Repair can be provided as both structural and non-structural coverings of compromised concrete and rebar. The stay-in-place panels protect the new concrete and steel from all corrosive elements greatly enhancing the lifespan of the structure versus conventional methods. 

Octaform developed this system as a solution to seismic upgrading of compromised structures. This system was then identified as a solution for the BC Schools Seismic Mitigation Program. In conjunction with Ausenco-Sandwell Engineering and repair specialists, Vector Construction Group, a solution was developed to meet the requirements of the Seismic Mitigation Program testing parameters.

 Testing conducted at the University of British Columbia showed the Octaform system to be nearly twice as successful as other upgrade methods considered.

If you have any questions about the Octaform Restoration and Repair system, call us at 1-888-786-6282.