Commercial Warehouse

CH Harvey, Nevada

The durable finish is ideal for the warehouse space and the ability for Octaform to be clad gave us the aesthetics we wanted on the building’s exterior.

Don Caldwell, Division Director, CH Harvey

Build Date: August 2009
Contractor: GenSeven Development & Construction
Project Description: Office Warehouse Building
Location: Reno, Nevada
Time of Construction: 14 days
Size: 100’ x 75’ x 32’
Wall Area: 49,000 SqFt


CH Harvey approached Octaform with the need for a building that was durable enough for a warehouse facility but also something with aesthetics for an interior office along with temperature control.


Octaform provided the customer with the wall system and custom EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation which contributed significantly in regulating consistent temperatures in both the office and warehouse.


Building sections of wall up to 32′ in height, GenSeven was able to construct 49 thousand square feet of wall in just 14 days.