Truck Shop

Knelsen Sand & Gravel Truck Shop

You will never have to paint the walls, they are easy to clean and never rust, rot, or develop mold and mildew. I recommend to my customers that they build with Octaform™.

Ernie Kroeker, Owner, Foothills Carpentry Ltd

Knelsen Truck Shop

Build Date: August 2005
Contractor: Foothills Carpentry
Project Description: Sand & Gravel Truck Shop
Location: La Crete, Alberta
Construction Time: 5 Weeks
Size: 190′ Linear, 24′ High
Wall Area: 40,800 SqFt


Foothills Carpentry was searching on behalf of a potential customer for a solution to constructing a large commercial trucks storage building.  The building was to also contain a truck wash.


Octaform’s wall system was the top choice for a bright, easy-to-clean, energy efficient building.  The result would be strong, durable walls for the truck storage area and easily maintained, mold & mildew resistant wall surfaces in the wash.


The Octaform panels provide protection of the walls from damages and harsh cleaning chemicals.  The system also does not require waterproof coatings, membranes or additional sealing resulting in lower maintenance costs over the life time of the wash when compared to those made from conventional materials. Also with the building’s increased insulating capacity and highly reflective finish, this will save the customer money by reducing energy expenditure.