Wastewater Plant

Bioreactor, Alberta

With Octaform, we delivered under budget and ahead of schedule.
Troy Snyder, Western Form Works


Build Date: August 2009
Contractor: Lockerbie & Hole
Western Form Works
Project Description: Bioreactor
Location: Taber, Alberta
Time of Construction: 51 days
Wall Area: 13,577 SqFt

In 2000, the Town of Taber had been operating its domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant based on a Rotating Biological Contactor treatment system. Operational issues with the treatment system forced the Town to decommission the system and divert all its domestic wastewater to the aerated lagoons for co-treatment with the industrial wastewater. The practice resulted in the industrial lagoons not meeting the Alberta Environment discharge requirements.

The Town of Taber decided to commission an engineering study to determine the best solution for the treatment of their wastewater. Based on the recommendations presented, the Town of Taber moved forward with the construction of a new Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant


EPCOR Water Services Inc., Lockerbie Stanley Inc. and Stantec were selected to design and construct a Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) plant capable of processing more than 20,000 m3 /d. The process included a primary clarifier, fermenter, BNR bioreactor, secondary clarifiers and ultraviolet disinfection. Octaform Finished Forming System was chosen as the wall system of choice for the $17M project due to its design and construction flexibility. The Octaform wall panels used to line the BNR bioreactor protected the concrete from corrosion and no extra trades were required during the construction for the three rings.


The bioreactor has provided the Town with a modern mechanical plant that uses the latest process technologies to treat the Town’s domestic wastewater. The innovative reuse of the existing infrastructure (which otherwise would have been abandoned) ensured a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the Town. The Town continues to own the water and wastewater assets, set rates and bill 3,030 customer accounts.