Truck Wash

Winland Truck Wash

I chose to build an Octaform car wash four years ago, and it still looks like the day it was built. The walls are waterproof and durable, low maintenance and easy to clean.
Don Curtis, Owner of Winland Car Wash

Build Date: November, 2005
Contact: Don Curtis
Project Description: Truck Wash
Location: Gillette, Wyoming
Time of Construction: 6 days
Size: 107’ x 37’ x 16’
Wall Area: 4,600 SqFt


The customer had a desire to build a concrete based vehicle wash that would be easily maintained but also wanted a light interior and alternate colour for the exterior.


Octaform, as with all customers, custom extruded the required lengths of panels & connectors of white for the interior walls of the car wash, and the same for the grey exterior chosen by the customer.


Not only was Octaform able to accommodate with a system for a white interior and grey exterior, the panels also provided protection for the vehicle wash walls from harsh cleaning chemicals, mold and mildew and will require minimal maintenance to keep the wash looking like new.