Sustainable Products

In addition to our commitment to running our company as sustainably as possible, we also recognize the increasing demand to build and design structures through sustainable and greener practices.
Our stay-in-place concrete forming system provides a watertight and corrosion resistant cladding system that protects the concrete from most of the typical risk factors including cracking, spalling, chloride attack and most chemicals including sulfates.

The benefits include:

  • Greater life cycle and reduction in long term maintenance
  • Cost and space savings in shipping – all products are flat packed
  • Timber packing crates also used as assembly tables and 100% recyclable
  • Bracing single side only required – zero clearance easily achieved
  • Thermal mass of concrete reduces heating/cooling needs
  • Bright, white finishes reduces lighting and electricity requirements
  • Reduced requirement for large cranes on site as products are lightweight
  • Minimal site waste as every project is made to order
  • Reduced labor days due to speed of construction on site
  • Typical methods of controlling the curing of concrete reduced as the concrete is protected from drying out by the PVC e.g. watering down of burlap sacks not required
  • Resilience – Octaform has proven to not only extend the life of concrete structures through every day usage, but also has very high performance in extreme natural events such as tornados and earthquakes (see test report here)