Concrete is one of the most durable and energy-efficient building materials on the planet. From design to construction and operation, Octaform simply makes it better.

Builds quickly

• Reduce energy costs
• Easy to clean
• Builds quickly
• Outlasts alternatives
• Insulates to any R-value
• Custom colors available

Octaform forms and protects your structure in one step. The finish (and optional insulation) is built-in. This eliminates the need for liners, cladding or sealants but it also simplifies construction. Our patented concrete forming system assembles quickly without specialized labor or heavy equipment. No cranes or steel forms are typically required.

Zero clearance

Adjacent construction can be difficult in developed areas. Octaform’s simple stay-in-place formwork makes it easy. Because the forms only require bracing on one side, additional excavations, external liners and sacrificial formwork are a thing of the past.

Better curing

Octaform stays in place so your concrete cures in a controlled environment, minimizing cracking and shrinkage. There are no forms to be stripped or moved so concrete can be poured as fast as you can build. Just assemble, brace and pour.

Energy efficient

The thermal properties of concrete are well understood and because of this, insulated concrete forms are already recognized as a great way to build energy-efficient structures. Octaform gives you all the benefits of ICFs but with a built-in finish.

Finished when formed

Octaform’s built-in finish ensures that your walls look great for life. The bright, white food grade PVC is watertight, easy to clean and it won’t support the growth of mold.