What makes Octaform the product of choice across a broad range of industries?

Two words: Finish and Versatility.

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Finished when Formed – in one step, one system. That’s what makes Octaform Products the ideal choice for concrete wall construction, where a finished wall surface is required. Choose from two wall panels, each designed to create a finished wall surface that meets specific industry requirements

Octaform Original wall panels provide an easy to clean, sanitary wall that is perfect for agriculture, aquaculture and vehicle wash applications.

Octaform SNAPLockTight wall panels provide a completely sealed wall surface ideal for environments that are sensitive to bacteria, mold and mildew such as food processing plants and waste water treatment / biodigester applications.


The versatility of our Finished Forming Systems, Finished Linings and Restoration and Repair Systems allows us to provide solutions across a wide range of industries. Our systems are customized to meet the requirements of any individual project – with various wall widths, heights and insulation options possible. Straight walls, curved walls, round or square tanks, the only limit is your imagination.

Our technology is designed to achieve superior construction that is compatible with your choice of flooring, roofing and mechanical equipment. Octaform is extensively tested and evaluated to meet and exceed structural code requirements across all industries. Not only will our systems save you time in construction by combining two or three trades or work into one; the finished wall surfaces will enhance the durability of the concrete wall and lower maintenance costs over the life of the structure.