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For new columns or restoration of existing ones, choose Octaform ColumnArmor. The stay-in-place jacketing system extends the lifespan of the columns or piles protecting it from corrosive elements.

Form and Protect Concrete Columns to Almost Any Specifications

Octaform ColumnArmor™ is a new premium jacket system that protects marine piles and bridge columns from corrosion. Versatile and Flexible, ColumnArmor jackets can be installed in an unlimited number of configurations, so you can be confident this system will work for your project.

The conditions that most aggressively degrade concrete columns can also pose the biggest obstacles to any repair. Lightweight and easy to assemble with our proprietary zip-up tool, ColumnArmor is perfectly suited to some of the most challenging retrofits, repairs, and restorations. Reinforced to your engineering specifications, ColumnArmor surrounds the column with high-grade PVC designed to contain your concrete mix and keep out corrosive elements, all while the structure remains in service.

Trust Octaform's ColumnArmor PVC Jacketing System

ColumnArmor can be installed as round or square jackets with custom lengths suited for the project. Our flexible bracing allows for a precise fit on corroded columns. The flexibility of the PVC prevents cracking and water penetration issues.

The modular lightweight PVC jacket is very simple to install and work can be done while the structure remains in service. Our unique design makes the closing procedure quick and easy. The seams zip together with a specialty tool for fast installation without fasteners.

The PVC requires no maintenance and provides a corrosion-resistant finish that also deters marine life attachment. Aside from the dramatic aesthetic improvement, the rehabilitated structure will have decades of protection to allow the structure to remain in service for years to come.


    Flexible bracing maintains precise corner angles and allows for an adjustable fit on heavily corroded columns.

    Helps stabilize and facilitate the concrete pour while maintaining a specified distance on all sides of the compromised structure.

    Can be made to fit any configuration, size or shape.
  4. PVC

    Protects marine piles and bridge columns from corrosive environments.

Class A Fire Rating

Classified in accordance with ASTM E 84 or UL 723

Chemical Resistance

Inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts & paraffinic hydrocarbon solutions

Food Safe

Meets CFIA requirements

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