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A stay-in-place concrete forming system, Octaform FormWork protects the concrete from moisture and corrosion.  It is easy to assemble for any wall configuration – curved or straight.  It’s finished when formed in one step – eliminating the need for harsh coatings or cladding.

Form and Protect Structures in One Step

Octaform not only forms and protects your wall – it does it in one step. The finish and insulation are built-in, eliminating the need for liners, cladding or sealants.

Our patented concrete forming system assembles quickly without the need for specialized labor or heavy equipment. No cranes or steel forms are typically required. From unloading the neatly packaged crates before construction to maintaining the structure years after construction, satisfied customers praise Octaform’s ease of use.

Providing Design Flexibility with Wall Panel Options

Octaform Original panels slide together vertically to provide easily constructed flat or curved walls as well as tanks of any diameter. The sliding panels allow individual sections of wall to be accessed for rebar tying and easy placement of electrical components and other fixtures within the wall prior to concrete pouring.

Octaform Original panels come in flat or corrugated shapes and have applications in agriculture, aquaculture, vehicle wash, water and manure tanks, residential and commercial buildings.

  1. REBAR

    Uses standard rebar as specified by your engineer.

    Thermal mass of concrete, air tightness, added EPS insulation provides excellent R-values.

    Connectors are available for walls between 4" to 24” thick.

    Protects the concrete from harsh chemicals and corrosive environments. Octaform PVC meets the strict sanitation standard set by the CFIA.

    Compatible with all standard concrete formulations. The system requires vibrating as specified and is poured in 4’ lifts.

Class A Fire Rating

Classified in accordance with ASTM E 84 or UL 723

Chemical Resistance

Inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts & paraffinic hydrocarbon solutions


Meets CFIA & FDA requirements

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