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Quick Divider Panels


Quick Divider Panels

Quick temporary divider walls that assemble in just minutes to a variety of configurations from stand-alone separators to complete hospital wards.

TempWall Dividers for Hospitals, Clinics, and Businesses

Octaform offers a line of simple and quickly deployable products such as quick divider walls for hospitals, healthcare, retail and commercial needs.

Octaform also works with partners on complete design-build solutions for emergency ward spaces and retrofits to community centers, conference facilities, stadiums, and public buildings.

These are also used by clinics, businesses, and various areas where safe social distancing is difficult to maintain. Smaller orders can be purchased directly through retail partners throughout Western Canada. Please complete an inquiry and we will connect you with your nearest dealer.

Hygenic Barrier Panels for Improved Safety

TempWall panels are a hospital-grade temporary wall system that is quick and easy to install, re-configure, and remove. It’s a fast and flexible solution to create temporary spaces and ensure safe distancing in confined spaces like hospital wards, ER waiting rooms, retail locations, offices, and more.

As we begin to open things up, divider walls will help a wide array of businesses and health providers ensure the safety and comfort of customers and staff.


    Each 60" by 80" high panel (or optional 28" wide panel for seating areas) arrives with all the hardware to assemble in minutes.

    Each panel ships with feet for stand-alone use or clips to create 90 degree connections for a variety of configurations.
  3. FAST

    Installations typically take about 5 minutes per panel regardless of configuration. An entire bed bay for a field hospital can be done in less than 15 minutes.

    Smooth PVC with antimicrobial coating approved for use in hospitals in United States and Canada.

    Environmentally sustainable – 100% recyclable with zero cut-off waste

    Lightweight and easy to handle. Requires no specialized safety training and generates no dust - can be installed in active hospital environment.
TempWall Divider Panels

Approved for Healthcare

Approved for sale to healthcare in United States and Canada. Is a registered Class 1 Medical Device in Canada.

Coated with Active Antimicrobial

Panels ship coated with an active antimicrobial capable of attracting and killing a wide range of pathogens.

Easy Assembly

Panels are lightweight and assemble in just minutes. All hardware to meet any configuration is provided with every panel.

Panels can stand free or in any configuration with straight or 90 degree angles.


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Inventory is on hand, and so are the answers you need. We’re shipping fast, installing faster, and working with partners across the United States and Canada to offer complete solutions during this crisis.

We’re not sleeping until we know there’s a safe place for every patient to recover, and every healthcare worker to keep up their everyday heroics.

So however you are working to make things safer and better for everyone, please get in touch, we are waiting to help!

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