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Octaform Finished Concrete Forms
Octaform is a PVC, stay-in-place concrete forming system that is ideal for the construction of high performance structures like vehicle washes, barns or commercial buildings.
Because the built-in finish is watertight and food-safe, it is also ideal for tank construction. Whether it is for aquaculture, biogas* or even manure containment, Octaform is a superior yet economical choice.

As Seen On TV!

Animal Planet's 'Tanked' used Octaform to build their largest project yet! Check out 'the big reveal'...

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Quick Liner Wall Ceiling Panels
The technology that is already protecting concrete from some of the harshest environments in the world can now protect your existing walls and ceiling.
Octaform Quick Liner fastens to your structure and instantly transforms dark, dingy walls into a clean and bright environment that is resistant to corrosion, fade and dirt.
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