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8 Photos from a State-of-the-art Egg Production Facility

We dropped by Paragon Farms this week to check out the progress they’ve made on their newly renovated poultry operation. They lined the walls and ceiling of their egg production facility with our Quick Liner wall & ceiling panels.


Quick Liner wall & ceiling panels fasten to your structure and instantly transform dark and dingy walls into a clean and bright environment that is resistant to corrosion, fade, and dirt.


Extruded from food-grade PVC, Quick Liner can be used in food processing facilities, clean rooms and anywhere that biosecurity is important.


PVC is easy to clean and will not support the growth of mold so you can stop being concerned about the health of your walls and think only about the health of your livestock.


Quick Liner meets all FDA requirements for food safety and is listed as an approved construction material by the CFIA.


Paragon lined their halls and offices with Quick Liner as well. The panels are easy to clean but also help to create a bright and welcoming work environment.


The egg conveyor and sorting system mounted easily through the PVC panels.


The crew also utilized the full array of Quick Liner trim components. These finishing pieces look great but more importantly, they ensure that there are no corners for moisture or contaminants to accumulate in.


Quick Liner comes in a time-saving 18″ width and is stocked and ready to ship from locations across North America.