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Octaform’s Armor™: Protecting Your Concrete Columns

The quality of infrastructure is an important metric when it comes to judging the structural integrity of a building. Without proper protection and maintenance, even the strongest of structures succumb to  damages from wear and tear.

This poses a grave threat to everybody inside the building. As an integral part of buildings, bridges, and other structures, concrete plays an important role in the sustainability and future viability of the infrastructure.


American Infrastructure is in Dire Need of Repairs

Owing to decades of negligence and underfunding, the current American infrastructure is in shambles. The lack of concrete restoration has led to several instances of collapsed and damaged bridges – this poses grave danger to people who travel through them on a daily basis.

While the life of the majority of American bridges is estimated to be 50 years, 39% percent of them are actually older constructions. With the average age of these bridges being 43 years, you can expect this percentage to rise significantly in the near future.


Effective Concrete Restoration with Octaform Armor™

Concrete restoration not only addresses the threats to structural integrity, but it also improves the overall appeal of the building.

Armor™ is the proprietary PVC jacket of Octaform that aids in repair and restoration of such concrete columns, while also protecting marine piles from the depreciating effects of corrosion.


Easy to Install

Every project is different with a design unique, which is why Armor™ jackets are designed to be versatile and flexible. These jackets can be easily installed in an unlimited number of configurations, making them an ideal option for any project or structure.

The flexible bracing of Armor™ makes it a good fit even for the most challenging retrofits, repairs and restorations. As an added advantage, its lightweight and modular nature allows installation to take place while the structure remains in service.

To round off, our seams are zipped using a specialty tool that requires no fasteners to ensure quick and seamless installation.


Resistant to Corrosion

The high-grade PVC is designed to contain your concrete mix in a way that wards off corrosive elements from the core. In other words, the building material can retain its durability and strength for a longer period of time.

Additionally, the flexibility of PVC negates the possibility of cracking, which could lead to water penetration and affect the strength of the structure.

With absolutely no maintenance required, the design leads to a corrosion-resistant finish to your columns. This deters any marine life attachment that could weaken the structure – and the result is a robust building that will remain in service for years to come.


Rated World Class

As one of the leading names in construction, Octaform products meet all industry standards and leading certifications – and Armor™  is no different.

Here are some of the certificates that all of our products have:

  • Class A Fire Rating – Classified in accordance with ASTM E 84 or UL 723
  • Chemical Resistant – Passive towards most mineral acids, bases, salts, and paraffinic hydrocarbon solutions
  • Safe for Food – CFIA Certified


Concrete restoration is an important step towards ensuring durable structures that are resistant to corrosion and other such wear and tear. Specifically, Octaform’s Armor™ protects concrete columns and bridges from corrosion and chemical elements to allow the structure to remain in service for years.

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