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Bridge Piling and Column Restoration

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9.1% of bridges in the United States are structurally deficient. These are not obscure rural bridges either, as of the 2017 ASCE 2017 American Infrastructure Report, estimated that over 188 million trips were taken per day over these bridges. As we know from recent bridge failures worldwide, such as the Genoa collapse, delaying maintenance work can expose users to critical risks. Proper bridge maintenance is essential to ensure safety and can never be overlooked.

Bridge columns and pilings made of concrete break down eventually, primarily due to a process called “spalling.” Spalling is caused by environmental factors, sorptivity of concrete, and alkali aggregate reactivity. Concrete columns and pilings also fall victim to cracking and corrosion, which is why effective restoration is so important.

Bridge column jacketing is an effective rehabilitation solution. Jacketing works by encasing a column in a protective covering and having it filled.


Octaform ColumnArmor to Restore Concrete Pillars and Columns

ColumnArmor is an innovative jacketing system for revitalizing concrete columns. It is very easy to install, protects from the elements, and reduces the amount of maintenance required on the structure.

ColumnArmor features the following:

  • Flexible corner bracing that upholds form and fits precisely
  • Corners that can be made to fit any size and shape of pillar or column
  • Flexible standoff to help stabilize the structure
  • A PVC jacket that protects concrete from corrosion. 



Octaform WallArmor, like ColumnArmor, is made using durable PVC that meets strict CFIA sanitation standards. Octaform’s PVC material is resistant to moisture, marine life attachment (such as barnacles), acid rain, and oxidation.

WallArmor lengthens the lifespan of concrete structures and decreases the amount of maintenance they require, which makes for less use of energy and resources. WallArmor also makes concrete structures stronger. It imbues concrete with a 41-66% increase in hardness and a 39-60% increased load capacity.

Octaform is so excited about the new advancements in bridge column and piling restoration that we recently teamed up with Vector Corrosion Technologies to host a webinar on the topic. 

If you were unable to attend the Oct 24th webinar, we have good news! Due to the popularity of the session and numerous requests, this webinar will be offered again on Wednesday, December 11th.

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