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Octaform and Sustainability: The Greenest Structure is Built-to-Last

Since 1997, Octaform has been a leader in innovation – inventing an alternative to conventional wall construction.

Our stay-in-place concrete wall forming system was designed to not only extend the life of concrete structures but also to reduce overall energy consumption.

For over 20 years, Octaform has grown from a novel concrete alternative to the leader in sustainable structure construction.

We believe that the greenest structure is one that is built to last. Not only is our concrete protected long term, its structural integrity is also enhanced because we know that a long-term investment is built on a strong foundation with sturdy walls.

How Do We Promote Sustainability?

As a company, our team is committed to reducing any harmful impacts our business might have on the environment. We have undertaken several initiatives both in how we run our business as a whole and in how we manufacture our product.

Making Concrete Better

Operationally, we have collaborated with Climate Smart, which is an organization that trains and certifies businesses to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

Moreover, we promote sustainability by making concrete better. Our concrete forming system enhances the sustainability of concrete by increasing the life of concrete walls, particularly in harsh environments.

Fewer resources and less energy are needed when increased longevity and durability, combined with improved disaster resistance, are a priority. This is the case for repair, removal, disposal, and replacement of building materials and contents due to disasters as well as routine maintenance and operations.

Extending the life of your structure through repair or restoration is more sustainable than rebuilding. Octaform products allow you to sustainably upgrade, repair, or restore your structure without interruption.

Using Sustainable Resources

Concrete is one of the most sustainable options when considering the lifetime environmental impact of your building materials. Concrete is the best choice in terms of its durability, extraction, production, construction, and its ability to be recycled. Octaform’s innovative forming system enhances these already positive attributes by extending the lifespan of the concrete structure, which reduces the energy and resources required to build it.

Another component of Octaform is PVC (Poly-Vinyl-Chloride) which is an abundant resource that is not only water safe, but 100% recyclable.

By consciously choosing lasting materials, Octaform promotes sustainability both in organizational values as well as our day-to-day operations. To learn more about how we reduce our environmental impact, check out our sustainability page.