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Why Concrete Restoration is Necessary


Why Concrete Restoration is Necessary

Structural Concrete Restoration

Is your building filled with cracks with dust falling out? If yes, you’re in dire need of a concrete restoration service!

At Octaform, we take immense pride in being one of the few concrete restoration companies to have successfully completed hundreds of restoration projects on time and within budget.

From restoring deteriorated factories back to their former glory to breathing new life into your office building – concrete restoration allows you to enhance the appearance of your structures while making them safer and more secure.

Add appeal and strength to your structures with our concrete restoration services.

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Concrete Restoration – Why is it Needed?

From skyscrapers to roads and even parking lots, concrete is one of the most abundantly used materials in the world. Its structural strength, coupled with its high resistance to fire, makes it one of the most durable – and thus, one of the most-used – man-made materials on earth.

But it is not indestructible; with time, concrete requires extensive restoration work as cracks and weaknesses begin to appear in the structure. Here are the top reasons why you need concrete repair restoration for your commercial building:

Structural Damage

Concrete structures are exposed to extreme temperatures, seismic fluctuations, heavy downpour, and various other factors that can damage them structurally.

For instance, extreme temperatures can cause concrete to expand and contract, paving the way for cracks. While the building may not appear affected by such exposure in the short run, delaying repair work can significantly increase your concrete restoration cost.

Not only does it prove to be more expensive, but structural damage poses a significant safety hazard. The weakening state of the structure can render it inhabitable, resulting in a heavy loss.

Chemical Damage

While it may appear sturdy and durable, concrete remains a mixture of chemicals that help shape it. But exposure to certain chemicals can weaken and harm its structural integrity, leading to a need for complete concrete restoration.

Here is a list of chemicals and other factors that can damage concrete:

  •  Carbonation
  •  Calcium Chloride
  •  Calcium Sulfate – When concrete comes in contact with calcium sulfate, it weakens the chemical binder.
  • Leaching – It occurs when water gets past the wall inside the concrete through the already-present cracks. The resultant reaction is dissolution of chemicals that strengthen the building material.
  •  Seawater – The saline nature of seawater has detrimental and corrosive effects on the structural integrity of the concrete. The same is the case with the sea breeze.

In the case of damage, a complete concrete restoration becomes extremely important. If left unchecked, such chemicals continue to disintegrate or weaken the overall structure to the point of no salvation.

Damage to Structure Reinforcement”

Some concrete structures are reinforced with carbon steel products to add strength and longevity to the building. The only problem with this reinforcement is that carbon steel is a highly corrosive material that oxidizes easily – thus weakening the structure.

In addition to corrosion, carbon steel reinforcement also amplifies the expansion phenomenon that structures undergo under extreme temperatures, whether high or low. The result is a formation of cracks and leaks in the concrete building.

This alone warrants a concrete restoration process, but there’s more. The open cracks allow water to seep into the structure, causing the concrete to deteriorate faster. This exemplifies the danger posed by a weak building as well as the need for concrete repair restoration.

Other reasons that weaken concrete include damage induced by fire, explosions, excessive load on the structure, and seismic fluctuations.

Your commercial building is vital to your business. Concrete restoration can add years to the overall lifespan of your building. Interested? Call us now! 1-604-359-2255


Get Advanced Concrete Restoration – with Octaform

With Octaform, you get years’ worth of concrete restoration expertise and experience to add the required strength and structural integrity to your building.

Using complete concrete technologies, we have created industry-leading products that ensure the durability and strength of your structure for years to come. With products aimed to restore your buildings to their premium state, you know you’re getting the best when it comes to advanced concrete restoration.

Here’s a preview of our leading concrete restoration products:

Octaform ColumnArmor

Your concrete columns are literally the pillars of your building – which is why when it comes to restoration, they should headline your priority list.

Octaform ColumnArmor is a jacket system required to protect the marine piles and bridge columns from corrosion. Designed for architectural flexibility, this product is suitable for an unlimited number of configurations so you can rest assured that it will fit your project requirements.

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Octaform Quickliner

PVC walls have long been heralded as one of the most important additions to any concrete structure, saving them from corrosion-causing elements. However, thanks to Octaform’s innovation and brilliance, you can now fortify your walls with PVC as part of your concrete repair restoration.

By forming an impenetrable barrier between your wall and harmful elements, it protects your walls from everything – including heat, moisture, chemicals, etc.

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Concerned about the life of your structure? Want to add years to its life? Leverage our advanced concrete restoration expertise today.

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