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About Octaform


About Octaform

The future of concrete forming systems starts with Octaform. Ideal for countless applications, Octaform’s patented combination of PVC and concrete provides unrivaled versatility, longevity and cost-effectiveness.

Innovating Since 1997

Octaform began its life in 1997 as a novel alternative to conventional wall construction. Designed in Canada, the innovation was a stay-in-place concrete wall forming system that reduces energy consumption and extends the life of high-performance concrete structures. In an industry not always known for embracing new ideas, the company growth was steady but slow. The advantages were clear, however, to those that used the product. It went up fast, looked great and offered a level of concrete protection that few had even thought to ask for.

Octaform’s team, led by Dave Richardson, continued to improve and tweak the concept, improving quality, versatility, and performance. Bolstered by these innovations, improvements and a desire to help solve some of the problems facing the globe today.

Making a Difference

In the past 20 years, Octaform has been embraced by industries striving to affect positive change in the way they build, generate energy and grow food. What began simply as a better way to build has evolved into a way to build for better.

Build it to Last

Octaform is a stay-in-place, concrete forming system. It’s similar to an insulated concrete form (ICF), which has long been considered by contractors to be an effective, green building material.  Octaform provides all the benefits of ICFs including excellent climate control, energy efficiency and more. Because the forming system stays in place and is made with durable PVC, the concrete wall is finished when formed – in one step. This eliminates the need for harsh coatings or cladding.

Octaform is extremely versatile and unlike traditional ICFs, it can be used to easily form curved walls. It has a built-in, watertight, PVC lining, making it the world’s best solution for concrete tanks.

With the introduction of Quick Liner in 2013, the company responded to its customers’ desire to bring the Octaform protection to existing walls and ceilings. This interlocking wall and ceiling panel fastens to an existing structure, instantly transforming dark, dingy walls into a clean and bright environment that is resistant to corrosion and dirt.

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