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Octaform’s forming system extends the life-cycle of concrete structures and reduces the energy and resources required to build it. It’s an effective, green building material that provides excellent climate control and energy efficiency.

How Does Octaform Promote Sustainability?

The greenest structure is the one that lasts the longest. A long-term investment is built on a strong foundation and sturdy walls. With Octaform, not only is the concrete protected long-term but its structural integrity enhanced.

  • Ships flat: Takes up a smaller shipping footprint
  • Reduced energy consumption: Octaform is designed to maximize thermal mass and added insulation provides excellent R-values
  • Low maintenance: PVC finish resists pests, moisture, and corrosive chemicals

Making Concrete Better

Octaform’s concrete forming system enhances the sustainability of concrete. Our stay-in-place PVC forms increase the life of concrete walls, particularly in harsh environments, and reduces/eliminates the need for ancillary finishing both during construction and through its life.


Extending the life of your structure

Octaform’s team, based in downtown Vancouver, have continued developments in innovative solutions for the repair and restoration market. New products like ColumnArmor and TankRestore have been designed to provide versatile solutions that extend the life of existing infrastructure without interruption.

The Components


Octaform is extruded from PVC (Poly-Vinyl-Chloride), abundant, potable water safe and 100% recyclable material. Its durability makes it ideal for long-term applications.


Concrete is an excellent choice when considering the lifetime environmental impact of building material in terms of durability, extraction, production, construction, operation, and recycling. Octaform’s forming system enhances these attributes by extending the life-cycle of the concrete structure and reducing the energy and resources required to build it.

Reducing our Impact

Our team is committed to reducing the potentially harmful effects of our business. We have undertaken several initiatives to reduce the impact that our company has on the environment including:

Climate Smart
An organization that trains & certifies businesses to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.
Cow Power

Converting cow manure into renewable energy prevents harmful methane from reaching the atmosphere.

Extending the life of our products

Research and development to extend the life cycle of our products

Build it to last

Concrete is already one of the toughest and most long-lasting building materials on the planet – Octaform makes it better. By protecting the concrete from corrosion and cracking, it extends the life of your structure.

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Repairing structures instead of demolition

Solutions for restoration that allow repair to existing structures that outperform conventional methods.