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Food-Grade PVC Wall Panels


Food-Grade PVC Wall Panels

Wall Panels for Commercial Facilities

Whether you want a distinct flair to interiors or to fortify walls in order to counter harmful elements, PVC wall panels have now become an important part of construction techniques.

As one of the leading companies in the United States, Octaform takes immense pride in its innovative and cutting-edge commercial wall panels – that have helped thousands of clients over the years.

From car wash wall panels to complete wall forming systems, all our products are suitable for a variety of applications – and we deliver worldwide.

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Why Install Octaform Wall Panels?

Our products are a result of years of innovation and hard work; Octaform’s QuickLiner™ offers advanced features that add to the aesthetic appeal and structural durability of your commercial wall systems.

With hundreds of successful wall panel projects and plenty of satisfied clients, we know what we are doing and we make sure we do it to the best of our ability.


Install Your Wall Panels In No Time

White wall paneling can be quite a time-consuming ordeal, particularly if you are adding them to an existing structure or repairing a damaged panel. Their removal and reinstallation is made increasingly tough by interlocking patterns that require multiple panels to be removed at once.

Not anymore – with Octaform QuickLiner™, you get to leverage our patented Snap-Trim™ system that allows designers and architects to complete panel installation in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods.

By simply cutting out the affected areas, you can easily replace damaged panels without having to dedicate too much time. Our anchor strip offers a seamless fastening experience – resulting in a finishing cap that can be snapped back in place in no time.

Equipped with a wide interlocking tongue-and-groove joint, our easy-to-install wall panels also hide the fasteners for added visual appeal while considerably reducing the time required to install them.


Enjoy a Stress-Free Maintenance Routine

Panel maintenance might look easy, but their level of quality can lead to this simple task becoming a time-intensive project.

At Octaform, consumer satisfaction is the main underlying objective behind each product. Our PVC wall panels are designed to allow users to clean them easily – there is no need for excessive scrubbing or using harsh chemicals – with Octaform, panel maintenance is as simple as it can get.

Our PVC Panels Add Several Years To Your Wall’s Life.

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Safeguard Your Walls Against Harmful Elements

There are various things that can get past and harm your walls, ultimately leading to costly repairs. From moisture that can make its way through cracks, to cleaning chemicals that corrode through the wall – the structural integrity of concrete and your wall are at risk.

Consisting of a high-quality industry-grade PVC, our panels do not react to most mineral acids, bases, salts, and paraffinic hydrocarbon solutions – forming a rigid barrier against the wall. As moisture-resistant wall panels, they also safeguard your wall from mold growth, harmful chemicals, and any other element that can pose a threat to the structure.


Extend the Lifespan of Your Structure

To put it simply, our PVC wall panels are built to last; not only are they resistant to rapid wear and tear, but due to our advanced manufacturing techniques, they continue to protect your wall and add to the interior for years to come.

This includes temperature fluctuations that affect the durability of concrete; Octaform’s commercial wall panels feature an advanced mechanism that allows them to expand as well as contract, depending on the temperature.


Rest Easy with Guaranteed Hygiene Security

People are increasingly conscious of sustainability as well as the safety of their buildings. So-called sanitary wall panels can sometimes be unsafe because they become breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, and other health-related dangers.

We only use food-grade PVC when it comes to our mold-proof wall panels; which meet the strict requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Authority (CFIA). With so many clients using our PVC wall panels in their food-processing facilities, clean rooms, etc.,we are the top choice when it comes to maintaining hygiene.


Create a Bright, Clean Environment – with Octaform QuickLiner™

From rotary dairy farm parlors to cannabis cultivation centers, our PVC wall panels are a crucial part of a variety of projects.

If you’re interested in strengthening your commercial wall system while simultaneously enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal, then Octaform’s PVC wall panels are the perfect product to add to your structure.

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