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Octaform Grow Op


Octaform Grow Op

Build a Better Grow Op

We understand that experienced and novice growers alike want quality growing facilities that can handle the challenges of indoor cannabis cultivation. Our products are perfect for designing optimal environments for even the most extensive growing needs.  

Like traditional agriculture, cannabis cultivation has been facing severe challenges due to climate change, unsustainable conventional practices, and a severe lack of space. This has given rise to indoor growing facilities, which come with high setup costs and lengthy construction periods. 

Our PVC products can help you get the benefits of a fixed grow space at a fraction of the cost!

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Cannabis cultivation is a lucrative business that’s generating billions of dollars in profits for the newly legalized billion dollar industry. The sharp increase in demand for medical marijuana and other products has seen the use of warehouses, basements, greenhouses, and shipping containers skyrocket across the country. 

However, these aren’t always the best solution because of their susceptibility to prevalent moisture, lack of natural light, a toxic environment, and pests. The only way to ensure that your chosen indoor environment is perfect for a grow op is by using a corrosion-free, moisture-resistant material that will deliver the highest returns for your operation. And that’s PVC!


Choose Octaform PVC Products for Your Grow Ops

Easy-to-install, efficient, and practically maintenance-free, our products are made from food-grade PVC, making them perfect for your grow facilities. 

Our offerings include FormWork that lends itself well to brand new builds. As a concrete forming system with a built-in PVC finish that keeps your grow op protected from moisture, Octaform’s Formwork provides excellent climate control and energy efficiency to your operations. 

However, if you already have space, use our QuickLiner to retrofit existing walls with our proprietary PVC panels that can moisture-proof the environment while making it cleaner and brighter than before. 

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Selecting the right PVC panel can make a significant difference to your cannabis grow operations, while also helping reduce the cost of hemp production. Our high-quality PVC products not only meet but exceed the regulatory standards with a Class A fire rating and comprehensive chemical resistance.

Another advantage of Octaform is its efficiency – our PVC is lighter than other materials, and it’s also non-toxic and able to withstand different weather conditions. 

If you’re looking for a versatile, reliable, and affordable way to outfit your cannabis grow-op for quality operations, Octaform is it! 

Here are several more reasons why you should call us for an Octaform quote right now:


Exceptionally Low Maintenance

PVC panels are durable enough to withstand mild chemicals, most mineral acids, bases, and cleaning agents. 

Using Octaform PVC products in cannabis grow ops can significantly reduce your burden of maintenance because they are easy to clean and you don’t need to paint them to keep them looking good. The smooth, reflective surface is resistant to the growth of mold and spores, ensuring the safety of your product at all times.


Impact-Resistant and Durable

Cannabis grow rooms are high impact by nature, resulting in scratches, dents, and markings on the surfaces. 

Octaform products are sturdy, durable, and resistant to scratches and dents caused by strong impacts from tools and equipment used in cannabis cultivation and hemp production. Avoid the costs of frequent replacement while ensuring that your grow-op can hold up well and be profitable for many years to come. 

Construction worker installing Octaform Quickliner on a ceiling.

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Resistant to Humidity and Moisture

It is crucial to maintain proper air movement and air exchange, temperature and insulation in a cannabis grow op. 

There are times when you’ll need to increase the humidity levels in the space to ensure that your plants thrive. But doing so can wreak havoc on traditional non-PVC wall panels, as rot and mold may set in due to moisture absorption.

However, being fully resistant to humidity, Octaform products never soak up moisture, and there are practically zero risks of their developing or promoting mold or mildew growth. 


PVC Panels are Light-Reflective

The bright white surface reflects the indoor grow lights to allow for optimum growth for your plants while also bringing down the energy costs. 

The continuous joints and hidden fasteners in our PVC products make it easy to create a seamless, evenly reflective finish. As a result, you don’t have to install a lot of artificial lighting to get the desired outcome, significantly reducing the overall energy usage and related costs.

Your cannabis grow room deserves energy-efficient insulation and proper lighting.

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Discover the Real Value of PVC for Your Grow Op with Octaform

Cultivating cannabis indoors mandates a lot of time, effort, and resources – don’t let all your hard work go to waste by ignoring the interior set up of your grow op. Octaform PVC can eliminate a lot of your worries and costs from the process, leaving you with the perfect environment for producing plentiful harvests that bring you joy year after year.

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