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Commercial Aquarium

Florida Keys, FL

Aquarium Creates an Immersive Experience With New Octaform Tanks

Florida-based aquarium suppliers, Dynasty Marine Associates have learned that building better doesn’t always come with a higher price tag.

  • July 2013
  • Florida Keys, FL

Aquaculture Tank Construction

When Dynasty Marine began planning an expansion of their tropical marine habitat, their director, Forrest Young knew that concrete was the way to go. With over 30 years of fish-collecting and aquarium keeping under his belt, the leader of Team Dynasty understood that concrete would be tough enough to withstand the daily rigours of marine husbandry but price, ultimately, had to be considered.

Concrete tanks, while longer lasting than their fibreglass counterparts, often come with extra considerations and expenses such as liners, sealants, and formwork. It was only after a conversation with Octaform, that Mr. Young saw that he could build better and still stay within his budget. “We wanted concrete tanks but did not think the cost would fit into our budget,” said Young.

Octaform helped us determine the costs for concrete tanks and we found that they were very affordable, “continued Young. With Octaform, they could eliminate many of the costs associated with conventional construction.

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