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Dairy Barn & Rotary

Murdock, Minnesota

Octaform: The Best Choice

Riverview LLP began as a family farm in midwest Minnesota back in 1939. Riverview utilizes both rotary and parallel parlors. Each site is a little different from the others, but the activity is the same: milking cows. Each cow produces about eight gallons of milk per day which are sent to processing plants to make cheese. It is very important for cows to receive the proper nutrition and animal care.

  • May 2017
  • Murdock, Minnesota

Animal Well-Being

Riverview understands the importance of cows to receive proper nutrition and animal care. The PVC used in Octaforms FormWork and QuickLiner meets the strict sanitation standard set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for food processing plants and quarantine facilities.

Octaform barn walls use less energy than most wooden barns to heat, cool and even light the facilities. This stable environment helps eliminate livestock stress and as a result, farmers report faster growth and less loss due to heat stress.

Design Flexibility

Construction of the dairy farm began in the spring of 2017, with milking beginning in Novem­ber of that year. Given the scale of the dairy and everything that goes into operating it, the construction of the dairy itself was an amazing feat of engineering that was accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.

The barn itself covers 22 acres and houses 9,500 cows. Approximately 8,500 are miked each day, whereas 1,000 are in a two-month window of calving. With walls that can be built up to 24″ in thickness, Octafom provides the design flexibility for a rotary that is operated 22 hours a day.

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