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Trout Farm

Fukushima, Japan

Hayashi Trout Farm is one of the oldest aquaculture companies in Japan

For their first project with Octafom, Hayashi built their tanks at their facility near Fukushima.

  • Fukushima, Japan

In March of 2011, just 45 miles east of the Oshika Peninsula of Tohoku, a 9.0 magnitude undersea megathrust earthquake triggered a wave of destruction unlike anything in Japan’s recorded memory. The quake and subsequent tsunami washed over coastal ports and towns, claiming over 18,000 lives, destroying over one million buildings and triggering a nuclear meltdown.

Formed and protected with Octaform, Hayashi’s aquaculture tanks survived the disaster unscathed. The patented FormWork technology allows for a superior concrete cure and maintains the structural integrity of the wall during seismic events. Extensive testing and research at the University of British Columbia have supported and verified Octafoms structural advantages during earthquakes.

Four years later, Japan continues to deal with the aftermath of the disaster. The almost 83,000 residents living closest to the Fukushima nuclear plant were evacuated and radiation levels have kept them from returning home. Cleanup continues and when the site is safe for habitation the Octaform tanks will be ready and waiting.

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