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Rotary Parlors

Dairy Rotary Parlors

Here at Octaform, we understand that your farming business is unique and that’s why our dairy rotary building systems can be customised according to your requirements. 

A simple yet powerful modular system, Octaform is made to the highest standards of reliability and durability. Not only is it low maintenance, but also offers increased efficiency for farm operations, growing right alongside your business. 

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Superior Hygiene and Maintenance

There is a direct correlation between the cleanliness of a dairy facility and the levels of mastitis found in the cows. Diseases and infections can spread through equipment and that’s why it is essential to keep dairy rotary parlors clean at all times.

We have the right solution – Octaform systems have smooth, corrosion-resistant PVC-finish that does not harbour bacteria or support the growth of mold. The structure is built to outlast all competition and deliver performance that is above the industry standard when it comes to maintenance and hygiene. 

The seamless PVC surface reduces the need to use chemical pest control and other treatments often required in such environments. 


Quick and Trouble-Free Installation

Labor and installation costs for diary rotary parlors can touch the sky, but not when you are working with Octaform. 

Our FormWork and QuickLiner products perform very well in rotary parlors and can be installed in a fraction of the time that it takes other systems to become functional. 

We have a dedicated team that has only one job: to ensure that your construction process is completed without a glitch. 

Our certified field service representations can help your construction crew find the right building methods and ensure that the end result meets Octaform’s high standards for quality, durability, and reliability. 

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Superior Water Resistance

Moisture and water can be a problem when installing dairy rotary parlors and water resistance is a vital part of keeping the facility clean and mold-free at all times.

Octaform systems are an excellent choice for such applications, as they won’t absorb moisture and are completely waterproof. 

In fact, our patented SnapLockTight™ panel creates a secure seal that renders the construction watertight and even gastight. That’s right; not even water vapour can penetrate Octaform systems.

Your dairy business can be made more profitable with Octaform!
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Technology and Innovation are Octaform Assets

We can implement even the most out-of-the-box design ideas into workable models that ensure both operator and animal comfort. 

When you choose Octaform as your partner in parlor construction, you get: 

  • An all-inclusive range of solutions 
  • Efficient construction that delivers design flexibility
  • A clean, stress-free milking environment
  • Scalability; expanding alongside your farming business

Our dairy parlors and barn walls are the go-to choices for hundreds of farm owners all over the country – simply because these products have a unique design with PVC finish and insulation built into them. This eliminates the need for liners, cladding, or even sealants – no gluing is needed!

As an added bonus, the Octaform dairy rotary parlor is finished and ready to use as soon as it is installed, because it comes pre-fit with a finished wall on both sides.


Octaform – a Reliable System That Pays for Itself

Dairy rotary parlors are efficient at milking because they enable a constant daily routine for cows. This encourages the let-down of milk for high throughput. 

Octaform systems make for a safe, clean, and efficient milking environment. The design lends itself nicely to the installation of a variety of milking systems without requiring any additions or alterations. This is an important consideration to ensure the integrity of the finished construction, long after the building is in use. 

Whether you want the ease of operations, high-end automation or simply a reliable rotary system, Octaform is an integral part of this equation. Our systems practically pay for themselves, as you enjoy low-maintenance and dependable construction that works very well as a dairy rotary parlor on your farm. 

Octaform designs take the future growth of your dairy business into consideration.

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Greater Comfort and Protection for Your Cattle

The solid construction of your dairy rotary parlor ensures that your cattle are well-protected from the elements. The durable, corrosion-proof, extremely hygienic wall assembly is just what you need for such a high-stakes and demanding environment.

Curved walls are not a problem for us at all since our patented system can be manufactured according to the needs of your farm. Whether you want to house 20 animals or 2000, our products can cost-effectively expand in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional units. 

And with the water-tight finish, you can get to work right away! 

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