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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for Commercial Fish Farms


Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for Commercial Fish Farms

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

As one of the biggest commercial sectors in the world, the fishing industry supports millions of businesses around the world – including 70,000 in the United States alone. 

While the global consumption of fish has grown twice as fast as the population growth, the capture production (fish caught at natural water reservoirs such as seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes) has been relatively static since the 1980s.

Who’s providing the surplus? Aquaculture. Man-made fisheries, ponds, and fish-breeding sites are responsible for at least half of the total fish production worldwide. As one of the fastest-growing aquaculture practices, the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) to a mainstream supply solution that caters to the rising demand for fish consumption around the world.

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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems – Why Choose Octaform?

Unlike conventional fish farms that operate on the basis of exchanging existing water in the tank with freshwater supply, RAS is aimed for fish production sites where water supply is limited.

As awareness regarding sustainability and environmentally-friendly commercial practices grows, fish farm owners are increasingly opting towards a recirculating system to ensure a more sustainable and cost-effective fish production method.

Our expertise in working with numerous fish production facilities affords us a unique insight into the process and the subsequent problems faced by businesses when it comes to recirculating aquaculture systems.

Here are some reasons why millions of other fish farm owners trust us, and you should too:


Unparalleled Durability

When it comes to RAS, it is not just about the durability of the fish tank (which remains extremely important) but various underlying processes – such as biofiltration and solids removal – which require water to be filtered and circulate.

Octaform provides fish farm owners with an impenetrable formwork tank that is customized according to your specifications. A unique example of our structural strength is our fish tanks in Fukushima

After the infamous 2011 earthquake, over one million buildings were destroyed. However, Octaform-made trout farms, located near Fukushima, remain unscathed. In fact, research led by British Columbia verified Octaform’s structural advantages during earthquakes. 


Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of your fish tanks remains of the utmost importance. Any leak, crack, or corrosion can sabotage the structural integrity of your fish tank. If left unmaintained, the matter can escalate to a level that requires significant repairs, or worse, restructuring of the entire tank.

Octaform PVC panels are incredibly easy to clean and repair. With our patented Snap-Trim™ system, you can easily repair any damaged or vandalized panels without going through the ordeal of removing and re-installing multiple interlocking ones.

To resist corrosion, our panels come equipped with our QuickLiner™ technology that forms a barrier between your wall and the various elements that can harm it. From moisture to cleaning chemicals that weaken your structure, our PVC panels ensure that they form an impenetrable defense in order to protect your walls from such elements. 

Octaform’s Offerings are Customized to Help Create the Optimal Recirculating Aquaculture System!

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Fish-Friendly Structures

Octaform commercial fish tank with water and fish inside with two empty tanks in the background.

Approximately 88% of total fish production in 2016 was used for human consumption. This levies a strict responsibility on fish farm owners to ensure that their structures remain as fish-friendly and humane as possible.

Particularly in a recirculating aquaculture system that has no water exchange function, you need to ensure a healthy environment that is devoid of bacteria, mold, and other organisms that can harm the health of your produce – and ultimately, the health of your consumers.

Octaform ensures that your fish tanks rank high when it comes to hygiene and safety. Our PVC panels hold food safety certifications from renowned organizations such as the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Coupled with an inherent resistance to mold and bacteria growth, we make sure your fish production remains safe from any harmful elements that adversely affect the quality.


We Don’t Just Make Claims – We Back Them Up with Successful Projects!

At Octaform, we believe in walking the walk before talking the talk. Our long history of working with recirculating aquaculture system businesses has allowed us to understand the unique requirements for this industry.


National Prawn Company – a Case Study

The National Prawn Company (NPC) is one of the world’s biggest prawn farms in the world. However, for its newest venture, it wanted to diversify into fish farming.

NPC wanted a durable and reliable recirculating aquaculture system that could be built in quickly. While conventional construction methods were one option, they were cost-intensive and time-consuming.

Finally, the company zeroed in on Octaform as its trusted partner. Octaform delivered a solution that required minimum training and allowed them to construct at a rapid pace. The result was CFIA certified, NSF potable wall panels that adequately covered the entire 5000-ton on-land RAS.

Not only were they delighted with the outcome, but Octaform continues to work with them in the second phase of the project. Upon completion, this project will become one of the world’s biggest recirculating aquaculture systems. 

We Assist Fish Farms in Creating Cost-Effective Structures That Help Create a Sustainable Model.
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